2015 Babies

So Diva – being the, well… diva, that she is – decided to surprise us by foaling a little early this year!  But that’s fine with me, easiest foaling season I ever had!  And so, a big welcome to the world “Diva Baby”!!!

It took this little fella a bit to find his feet, but look at those legs!  And once he finally figured them out, he’s been wide open!  He’s definitely going to have some great height as he grows up.  Perfect color as well – small belly spot and high rear socks, just like I like them!

This outstanding foal is SOLD!!!  Congrats to Toby Pippin – she’s got an eye for the good ones!!!

“MIDAS WELL SHINE” is now a 2X Color Congress Champion, Open & Amateur Weanling Stallions!


Meeting Mama!


Such hard work being a baby – gotta take a nap!

Found those legs and now... He gone!!!

Found those legs and now…
He gone!!!

3 weeks old - look at that NECK!!!

3 weeks old – look at that NECK!!!


5 weeks old & you could eat dinner off his back! He’s huge!


4 weeks old & really filling out



Now 6 months old, weaned & learning to be a show horse – this fella is big & beautiful as they come!


And now look at him!!! Just starting under saddle.

FullSizeRender (1)

And now a fantastically talented show horse!!!